It's an exercise we all learned from the moment we started reading. Learn your ABCs by associating words with letters. Imagine if you learned how to read and write by associating the alphabet with horror movies. That's the theme of The Scariest Things Podcast episode 171. Write your own list, before you listen to our selections, and play along!
Just how popular is Horror? Data analyst Bo McCready has done a fascinating Tableau (An excellent infographics generator!) analysis of the history of film, and the relative popularity of each movie genre. The trick here is to recognize what the context of "popular" is here. For this table, this is the number of films produced in any given year, for EVERY year since 1910, according to our favorite resource, IMDb.
We Horror fans are an odd lot. We actively seek emotional sensations that make us uncomfortable, agitated, and if done well, terrified. To say that we are adrenaline junkies testing our courage is an easy way out, and doesn't really get to the truth of things. Ashley Hirusina, a graphic artist managed in one poster, a deep but succinct analysis of why we seek the scary.
What's the best slasher film of all time? What better way to find out by doing a bracket fight! 64 of the most notable horror films face off in a tournament-style bracket. The all-time classics you know face off against the underground fringe exploitation fare... who comes out on top? You pick!
Lindsay Ball-McQueen of BOOM marketing has come up with a fantastic set of images that re-imagines famous horror scenes by making them part of a children's pop-up book. How fun!

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