Horror Infographics: Jason’s Death Toll

A graphic of the body count that Jason has Racked up in the Friday the 13th Series.

Toronto based illustrator Andrew Barr has been creating some imaginative and informative charts for horror films.  Last year he created a complete listing of all of Jason Vorhees’ victims, along with a simple illustration of how he executed his move. I am particularly fond of Judy, in the sleeping bag.  Note, of course, that Friday the 13th (the first one) isn’t included, since (minor spoiler alert) Jason didn’t kill anybody, his mom did all the dirty work.  Barr does work for the National Post,  where this graphic orignated, and makes the comic book convention circuit showing off his blocky illustrations of favorite horror and sci-fi characters.  (Come to Portland, Andrew!)

You can find his illustration website here:



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