Pardon us while we do some transformations around the website. The Scariest Things, after six years of operations, is making a website change... and we're doing it ourselves! Oh, the Horror! You might be seeing some amazing adjustments and some horrifically mutated changes. We have been overcome with world-conquering mad science at our cores!
I hear a limousine pulling up! That could only mean one thing. It's time to announce the winners of the 2023 Thingy Awards! Horror's new Golden Age continues its wonderful run, as the big budget studios have arrived with new original ideas in tow, and there are a number of break-out stars emerging from the genre. Read, or listen in to our podcast for Episode 168: The 2023 Thingy Awards Show!
It's the Midsommar event of the Scariest Things calendar! Time to hand out some awards, for the best of 2022. It's never too late to hand out some accolades! As we do every year, we invite all our fans to join in, but this year we are on a SUPER SHORT schedule. YOU HAVE THREE DAYS to VOTE, as we are making our announcements THIS SUNDAY, JUNE 18, 2023.
We now have a Gore Intensity Rating for our reviews! Being that we are your gateway to the trends and tropes of the horror genre, we need to be able to convey to the newcomers (and our gore hounds) what to expect with these movies. Keep an eye out for the 🩸 on forthcoming reviews.
Horror Movies have once again hit full stride, and 2022 oozed with originality and purpose. There were so many films to pick from, most of our crew, when assigned to pick a top 10 went with 11! (Cheaters!) That's how good it was this year. So listen in to our extended super sized Episode 159 and get wise to what was great in 2022!
What a great year for the genre. It feels like both the studios and the indies have hit full stride again, and there were a bunch of really original and entertaining horror movies to watch this year. Eric picks his top 10 and had room for probably 10 more that could have made it.
Happy Thanksgiving from the Great Old Ones at The Scariest Things! We recommend at your annual feast to remember that you shouldn't eat anything that is still moving. And, it's always good to know where that mystery meat came from.
Behold, THE BIG LIST. In 2018, we summoned a jury of our fans and horror insider contacts, to develop a weighted list of our favorite horror movies of all time. This doesn't necessarily mean these are the BEST movies, in a technical sense, but these are the films we love the most.
Celebrate the best of 2021 Horror in the 2022 Thingy Awards! Yeah, it's a little late in the Awards season, but we're all still recovering from the Will Smith slap heard around the world, and now that we have recovered from being stunned, it's time to concentrate on the Scariest Things you saw from last year. Once again, you are invited to fill in a ballot for your favorites from 2021!
The festival circuit was strong in 2020 with lots of great horror shorts. These 10 horror shorts made it on to our 2021 Thingy Awards. Check out the full short films included for your review!
It's awards season! And for horror genre fans, it is time for the third annual Thingy Awards! 2020 was a scary year for more ways that we could have imagined, but despite the cinemas being closed down, movie makers delivered some great movies for us. The Scariest Things once again invites our valued fans to vote for who they thought was the best of 2020. Our industry insiders will also be weighing in, for what should be a very interesting award!
Award-Winning playwright Sharon Yablon taps into her noir sensibilities for a new podcast of genre radio dramas, A Garden of Terrible Blooms. Prepare for the surreal one-act dramas that touch on elements of mystery, horror, and true-crime centered around L.A.'s famed Sunset Boulevard.
Half a million visits to our humble horror website! It's a little hard to fathom, and we're so proud of it! We're so glad to have each and every visit, and we're proud to be your source of information of the trends and tropes of the horror genre. Our big goal is 2 million views, which is when we will be eligible for Rotten Tomatoes. So keep coming back! We promise to keep bringing you the spooky!
Forget Super Tuesday! Vote for something that really matters... like the best horror movies, actors, actresses, and directors from the genre in 2020! The Scariest Things 2020 Thingy Awards are being made open to our fans to be the jury for our second annual awards!
That's right! It's a face-hugger turkey! The Cthurkey craze has inspired folks to come up with some pretty dreadful Thanksgiving feast options, including this here monstrosity. Make sure to drain this of acid blood before Serving. These images may make you want to think twice before cutting into the celebratory roast this year.
It's our favorite time of the year! Everybody have a safe (but scary) Halloween out there! TST suggests this is when you make your scary movie commitments and resolutions. Settle in for the evening waiting for the trick or treaters, and put on a spooky flick. You deserve it! The best time to map out a solid schedule of horror movies is when you are completely addled with sugar.
Welcome to Burkittsville! I hope you brought a map with you, because the 20th Anniversary of the film is upon us, and The Blair Witch Experience will let you retrace the steps of Heather, Mike, and Josh. Hopefully, you'll come back from the experience alive.
Do you have a toy that is staring at you from the corner of your bedroom, and you just can't handle it anymore? Well, Unsettling Toys is here to help you out.

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