The 2021 Thingy Award Nominations: Open Ballot!

Scary DVDs! Woo!

It’s awards season! And for horror genre fans, it is time for the third annual Thingy Awards! 2020 was a scary year for more ways that we could have imagined, but despite the cinemas being closed down, movie makers delivered some great movies for us. The Scariest Things once again invites our valued fans to vote for who they thought was the best of 2020. Our industry insiders will also be weighing in, for what should be a very interesting award!

Wow. That was 2020. So much time to spend at home watching streaming content as we kept ourselves distant from each other. We watched old movies like Contagion and Outbreak and The Andromeda Strain to see how the forecast of the virus apocalypse was foreseen. We watched our local cinemas shutter their doors, and yet, great horror movie content was delivered! Much of that was through the festival circuit, and we really hope that some of you got a chance to sign up to participate in one or more of the great festivals this year, since they were all virtual, you didn’t need to travel afar to get a great look at the horror offerings this time around.

Once again, we leave the winners up to you, our fans, to help decide the best of horror from last year. Please respond by Sunday, April 25.

Click here: 2021 Thingy Awards Ballot!

We realize that a number of the movies that we have selected for awards have not been readily available streaming until recently. Since we will be inviting our fans to once again participate in the selection, it would only make sense to help guide you to where you can download the movies and make your judgments.

If you would like to watch (most) of our ten nominated short films, you can check out our post of our Top 10 Horror Shorts of 2020.

If you missed out on the nominated films, here are the streaming locations you can go to watch them:

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