Going back to where it all started, director Lorenzo P. Adams takes some very fun liberties and a poke a the Michael Myers mythos. Make no mistake Halloween '63 is not a comedy, but a bone chilling black and white adaptation of the night where it all began.
Sea Lemon, the Seattle based dreampop project of heralded emerging artist Natalie Lew has released a horror homage laden video for her latest release "Vaporized". See the whole video here, and see if you can count the tropes!
The thrilling horror short "The Relic" manages to pull off the incredible in satisfying both the academic Lovecraft purists and those who want a spectacular body horror showcase. For those in the know, this may be the definitive screen depiction of the crawling chaos, the old God, Nyarlathotep.
Dolls are creepy. Ventriloquist dummies add on the extra creep factor. Finley takes advantage of all the established history of the evil dummy tropes that came before it and flips all expectations in the most amusing and satisfying way.
"What Could Possibly Go Wrong?" The most accursed of curse tropes is brought to hilarious proportions in one of our favorite horror shorts from the Portland Horror Film Festival in 2019, now released on Alter... and now The Scariest Things!
★★ out of ★★★★★ The horror anthology is one of the true staples of the horror genre. Always clever, always engaging. As we’ve said before, anthology horror is the traditional extension of gathering around ye' ole campfire and scaring the hell out of each other. They hearken back to the oldest root forms of scary storytelling. It’s always frightening to hear a scary story, until it’s not.
The festival circuit was strong in 2020 with lots of great horror shorts. These 10 horror shorts made it on to our 2021 Thingy Awards. Check out the full short films included for your review!
★★★★ out of ★★★★★ "Timely, topical, and terrific." Well that's what the Scariest Things Podcast would say if Variety came calling for a pull quote. Joe Burke's (Four Dogs) brand spanking new horror short Desert Quarantine is a perfect reflection of a perfect reflection of society's current spate of worry, hate, fear, and confusion.
Real deep rooted fears saturate the Hide Behind, one of last year's great short horror films. Sometimes horror in broad (tree dappled) sunlight can be as scary as anything in the dark.
Welcome to Camp Nawgnamakit! (get it?)Come sit by the fire and be seranaded with tales of the tragic tale of revenge that is The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds! One of our favorite short films of last year has finally arrived for view courtesy of Antrum.

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