Creepy Doll Video from Our Friends at Unsettling Toys

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Oh, these dollies give me the creepies! Our Patron and friend of the podcast, Brian Jillson, has some slightly (OK sometimes REALLY) disturbing toys that need homes. Are you brave enough to get one?

The Scariest Things did a dedicated podcast for our friend Brian and his home for unloved, or perhaps over-loved, antique toys. His company Unsettling Toys is finding homes for these unnerving apparitions… wait… beloved dollies. From Annabelle, to Poltergeist, to The Boy, to Magic, to Child’s Play, and, of course Puppetmaster there are some pretty good cinematic reasons why you might be wary of them. You… just… never… know! You can see more information about them from one of our earlier posts HERE. But, this new video speaks volumes.

This, coming from a man who has a stuffed Cthulhu on his bed. Don’t judge!

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