So, have you seen a good horror movie lately? The following is a comprehensive list of recommendations for our favorite horror films of all time. It's a horror movie rankers dream! Check out the big list and find a movie that you haven't seen yet... and watch it!
Our year-long project to update our top 100 Horror films is now complete! Now that we've got them all revealed, what changed from our 2018 list, and did we find any patterns or trends? The Scariest Things Podcast Team sat down to share our thoughts about how the list turned out. What we loved, what surprised us, and what we think will become of the list in the future. The curating of our list was the effort of many people, and it delivered a broad and diverse spectrum of the genre, from every age and every type of horror.
We arrive now at our big hitters in the horror genre. It's #40-21! But surprisingly, there were some surprises! Some movies that were completely absent from our 2018 list vault all the way to this portion of the rankings! It's amazing what happens when you add in a bunch of new members of the selection committee. Zombie lovers and fans of the new Golden Age of Horror will appreciate the films in this section of our rankings. Enjoy!
Our Top 100 is being revealed in the October month of Horror that leads up to Halloween. If you want to try and piece together what the winning film might be, or want to know how we did this, check out the full Scariest Jury list right here! If you love rankings and ratings, and you love horror movies... this is for YOU!
We have reached the mid-point of our top 100. The eighties are done proud in this batch, and J-Horror has a couple of Iconic films as well. We also have perhaps the greatest Folk Horror Film in this grouping. Is this the highest that a classic silver age film will post? We shall see! Check out, and listen in to The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 154: The Top 100 Horror Films of All Time #60-41!
The Scariest Things continues the reconstruction of our Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time list! Listen in as Ian Parker once again helps host our rollout of the best of the scary. Liz, Mike, and Eric also compete to see how many of their favorite films ended up in the top 100, with the winner getting to claim the title of Mayor of Horror Tropetown! So far, it's looking pretty good for Liz. There's a little something for everyone at this point in the list, and perhaps a few movies that you might not be familiar with, though most of these are bonafide classics!
The Scariest Things is re-constituting our top 100 Horror Movie List of all time! It's been five years since our inaugural list was created, and frankly, we know a lot more knowledgeable horror professionals now. Plus, it's fun to do, and creating a ranked list offers up room for great debates, both amongst our own crew internally, and with you, our fans! We hope you enjoy and appreciate our list! (And feel free to let us know if you disagree... that's fun too.)
Behold, THE BIG LIST. In 2018, we summoned a jury of our fans and horror insider contacts, to develop a weighted list of our favorite horror movies of all time. This doesn't necessarily mean these are the BEST movies, in a technical sense, but these are the films we love the most.
Horror festival fan favorite short-film director Chris McInroy mixes in the humor with the scares (no surprise if you've seen his fantastic short films!).  Owwwoooooo! Werewolves of London!  His top 25:
Kian Doughty is a talented young actor who just performed in and co-wrote the Justin Zimmerman short film Made You Look which premiered at the Portland Horror Film Festival, and features some fantastic creature effects from Oscar winner Chris Walas. Kian brings his youthful take on a top 25!
Notable horror book cover artist Deena Warner brings a new #1 title to the table, with an old friend in a red and black sweater. And a beat-up old hat.  And some knives on his fingers. With chunks of teenager meat on them.
Independent film producer and lifelong College buddy of Msoup and LightninLi, Mr. Christopher Ralph puts on his horror hat... and guess what?  Telecommunication and Film grads like the same things that genre fans like!  His top 25:

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