The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 155: The Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time #40-21

Fangoria! Woo!

We now arrive at our big hitters. The no doubt about it films that have amassed considerable amounts of voting ballot rankings from our esteemed selection committee. And yet, there are still surprises! Movies that Amazingly, we have TWO brand new movies that break into the list in the 40-21 block. Going from completely off the list in 2018 to the upper echelons of our Top 100 this year was a testament to the addition of so many new jurors, and proof positive that ranking the greatest horror movie of all time is not a static exercise.

If you are a fan of Zombie movies, you will be quite pleased with the results here. (And with potentially more great zombie films awaiting in the Top 20!) Newer films also fared well in this stretch, with six films on this list having been released in the past ten years. It also is a bit shocking that some movies that seem like they were released just a few years ago are now over 25 years ago. Se7en was in 1995? Wow! Felt like yesterday!

The race to be Mayor of Trope Town (The podcaster amongst us who has the most of their top 25 films on the list) is heating up, with Liz seemingly pulling away from Mike and Eric. The Mayor gets special podcasting privileges as long as they hold the title… and it looks neck and neck! We are joined once again by our friend Ian Parker, who is acting as a guest master of ceremonies, allowing Liz, Mike, and Eric to react spontaneously to the results.

We did not know the rankings until Ian announced them on this recording! If you want to be free of spoilers, I suggest you scroll to the bottom of the page (Closing your eyes briefly) and click the play button, or hop to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Blubrry, Castbox, or however you like to listen to us to get the benefit of surprise.

If you want to know who voted on the list and HOW they voted, (Or, better yet, if you were part of the selection committee), we here at the Scariest Things value voting transparency and honesty. You can check out the entire tabulation of the votes HERE. And, if you’re very clever you just might be able to figure out who the #1 movie will end up being. Channel your inner conspiracy theorist self, and figure out what movies are left on the table.

Have fun, and get ready for the TOP 20 which will drop in about a week!

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