Who is the greatest horror movie studio of them all? What production company delivers the best horror movies? The Scariest Things ranks them all, and includes all the studio horror movies for your reference.
Bathrooms are the most private of places. These are places where we clean ourselves, relieve ourselves, medicate ourselves, and we usually like to do these things in private. With the exception of being with our young children and lovers/mates, we do our business in the bathroom ALONE. There are large percentages of our time in the bathroom naked or with our pants down. We are vulnerable in there. That's why we have privacy locks on these doors. Horror Movies turn the tables on our perceived privacy and security in bathrooms, and Trapped in a Bathroom is one of the most evergreen tropes in the genre. Here are 30 films that showcase the trope really well.
Do you know everything there is to know about the Boston Strangler? Really?!?! The Boston Strangler is an incredibly complicated tapestry of lies, mistruths, deception, greed, murder, and avarice. Using beautiful early 1960s Boston as its backdrop, this story is the pure embodiment of truth always being weirder than fiction.  To celebrate this year’s most recent take on the Boston Strangler, aptly titled the Boston Strangler, the Scariest Things went back and looked at each and every film adaptation of the Boston Strangler story and ranked ‘em all!
The temptation of producers to rinse and repeat and cash in has a long and dubious history with horror. But, horror also provides the opportunity for filmmakers to take BIG chances. Smaller budgets not only provide better profits, but also the opportunity for allowing bigger chances and bolder ideas. If you are a creative mind starting out in Hollywood and are looking for a conduit for wild ideas, go for the weird. Go for horror. Check out this Dead List for the Weird and Wonderful Horror from 1990 to 2023!
Lets' go crazy! Forget your sequels, your prequels, your reboots. Give me something unique, and the weirder the better. Call me obsessed, as this dead list supplants one that I did three years ago, as I expand from ten movies to FIFTY. A list so big, I had to divide it into two posts! Enjoy....
In 2020, at the height of the global pandemic, the braintrust over at Morgan Creek Entertainment, announced — with very minimal fanfare, that they’d be taking a crack at one of the most vaunted franchises of all time — The Exorcist.  To get the Scariest Things Podcast ready for 2023, and potentially the most polemic film in years, we sat down and poured through the entire EXORCIST universe. Some brilliant, some soup-soaked, some awfully-awful, and some filled with the most horrifying images ever put to film. 
Horror Movies have once again hit full stride, and 2022 oozed with originality and purpose. There were so many films to pick from, most of our crew, when assigned to pick a top 10 went with 11! (Cheaters!) That's how good it was this year. So listen in to our extended super sized Episode 159 and get wise to what was great in 2022!
What a great year for the genre. It feels like both the studios and the indies have hit full stride again, and there were a bunch of really original and entertaining horror movies to watch this year. Eric picks his top 10 and had room for probably 10 more that could have made it.
SO. MANY. GREAT. HORROR. FILMS. THIS. YEAR! Really. Our cups runneth over with gallons of blood, guts, and scares. Interestingly, 2022 also had some really awful films. Truly awful. But we're not here to talk about crappy films you don't want to see. Au contraire. We're here to tell YOU about the films that you'll be gabbing about well in to 2024 -- and beyond.
Merry Christmas from the Scariest Things Podcast!!! This year we’re giving you the gift that no one asked for, ever expected, and certainly one that no one ever put on their Christmas wishlist. It’s free and it’s here waiting for you. Totally unwrapped and ready to go… We give you all the Silent Night Deadly Night films ranked! And…you’re welcome.
Another year and another dollar! Once again Hollyweird cranked up the hype machine and had us parking our collective butts back in the theaters. What got your butt back in the theater? What got you to risk exposure to another Covid variant? What got you to shell out $14 bones for a mountain of greasy popcorn? The POSTER! That’s what did it.
What's the scariest setting in a horror movie? A graveyard? A dungeon? A basement? Nah. Try gas station. The gas station is a favorite point of conflict in a horror movie. If it shows up in your favorite horror film, you know something really bad is going to happen. Check out our dead list of how awful gas stations really are in horror movies.
It's hard enough being an older actor in the movies. In horror movies, it can be exponentially harder to make an impact, but there is a new and growing trend to feature older performers in horror movies. Is it a change in the movie culture? Is the audience growing older? The truth is probably that Horror films are casting a wider demographic net than ever, and Hollywood may now recognize that audiences who grew up as teens loving their '70s cult films and '80s slasher flicks are now in their 50s and 60s... and we still love our horror!
Best Horror Posters of 2021
We warned you that we’d be back in the theaters in 2021 and we were! The Scariest Things Podcast, spread all across the globe, represented well in theaters far and wide. We were up close and personal for Conjuring III, Halloween Kills, Malignant, Candyman, and many, many others. 
In 2020, the global pandemic gave us an interesting dynamic in film. Stripped down productions. The re-rise of independent horror. Big budget films either shelved, delayed, or cancelled all together. Last year’s horror scene definitely had a peculiar and, well, dystopian quality.  Enter 2021! The big budget films that coldly sat on the shelves for the last year, or in some cases years, or in other cases almost a half century, are now out in the theaters for us all to enjoy. And enjoy them we did! It shouldn’t be a terrible surprise that (often) the more money, time, energy, and talent you ply to your project the better quality you’ll receive in return. Mostly.  Here's some of the best from another spooky year...
Chalk 2021 into the history books! And, every year that I do this, I find it hard to separate my favorite films, and this year was no different. There were really good films from both the festival side and the studio wide release efforts from the past year.
Care to do the Time Warp (again)? We have researched and ranked the rarest of the sub-genre, the oddball unicorn film that is the Horror Musical. Stylized, emotionally amplified, and often bafflingly strange, we have rounded (almost) all of the available horror musical titles we could find and ranked them! Sing for me! Sing my Angel of music!
👻👻👻 out of 👻👻👻👻👻 Now 37 years in to the franchise you probably have a good idea of what to expect from the latest installment of the Ghostbusters, AKA Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Every thing that you think you’re going to see is guaranteed to be seen. There are some sly and not so sly references to the original 1984 Ghostbusters film. But, at the end of the day, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is largely an exact duplicate of its 1984 grandfather. 
Giallo is known for many things. The flash of a killer's knife blade. Black gloves. Gordian knot mysteries and plot twists. Sexy women in lurid, compromising, and let's be fair- misogynistic situations. Salacious eye catching posters. Blood. So much blood. And, crazily evocative bordering on non-sensical titles. The Scariest Things dove deep into the Giallo well to find the best titles in the genre.
If you listen to our podcast or read our posts, you are already somebody looking to know more about horror. If you really have an appetite for horror knowledge, check out these documentaries, all of them hugely entertaining. Welcome to the world where all the movies have a colon in the title: Horror Documentaries.
There's obviously no reason to re-hash 2020 and the fact that we haven't physically been to a movie theater -- FOR NEARLY A YEAR! But, sadly, we haven't. We haven't had chance to stare lovingly at the marquee, the pamphlet with the coming features, and most importantly, the poster.

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