The Scariest Things’ Holiday Shopping Guide!

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Ah, the holidays.. for some they’re the most wonderful time of the year and for others, they can be Hell. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the one thing that should be easy is buying gifts for your friends, family, or even just for yourself. The Scariest Things has got you covered with these go-to shops to keep the holidays horror-ful.

Fangoria Subscriptions, merchandise, and mystery packs! Fangoria has been number 1 on every horror fan’s list since 1979. Use our code TST20 to get 20% off merchandise and single issues!

Arkham Bazaar- For the cosmic horror fan in your life, Portland-based Arkham Bazaar has everything; pins, high-quality t-shirts, work shirts and hoodies, films, housewares, and even hot sauce. If it’s cosmic it is available here.

Super Yaki- Their slogan is “a place for people who watch movies”, Super Yaki’s exclusive and limited t-shirts, shorts, and other fun stuff are the niche items you didn’t know you needed. From the official merchandise of The Overlook Festival to the meme-inspired Mads Mickelson collection, if it’s cool in movies, it’s coming from Super Yaki.

Middle of Beyond Middle of Beyond takes heavy metal and horror gear and elevates it! They have cozy sweaters and cardigans as well as awesome flannels and even reversible bomber jackets. From Halloween to Iron Maiden to Poltergeist you can get cozy in the Middle of Beyond.

Last Exit to Nowhere- This UK-based company makes shirts, hats, stickers, mugs, and more inspired by the best horror and sci-fi shows and movies. For those of you who want deep-cut references and to impress others who are in the know, this is for you.

Creepy Co.- If you need Creepshow pajamas or a Halloween throw for your bed, Creepy Co. is the place to go! They have so much horror merchandise on this site that you just need to dive in and fill that cart. They even have a rewards program so the more you shop, the more you get!

A24- Collector’s edition books, posters, pins and even a Hereditary gingerbread house kit can be found in the studio’s storefront. When only the best will do, A24 is where to shop.

Mondo– If you’re shopping for a vinyl lover, Mondo has the most amazing special edition records around. They also have collectables, puzzles and limited collector edition posters for the most discerning fans.

Creepy Crate- If you want to give a gift that delivers for true crime and horror fans all year long, a Creepy Crate subscription box can’t be beat. Each box features a book and other exclusive collectable items like key chains, shirts, buttons and toys.

The Soska Sisters’ Shop– Wait, what? The Soska Sisters have an Etsy store? Yes! The Soska Sisters have an Etsy store! Need an autographed bone saw from American Mary? Autographed posters and photos? Or, maybe just a Dead Hooker In A Trunk bumper sticker? It’s all there for the gifting.

The HP Lovecraft Historical Society Everything you could ever want from the aeon-haunted, sanity-crushing side of the Universe. Pins, apparel, “radio” shows, movies, props, books! Recommended by Elder Gods and Great Old Ones everywhere.

Nightmare Toys- Looking for high-quality franchise horror collectibles? This is a digital one-stop center for Funko Pops, statuettes, costumes, masks, props, and decor. There is some really cool merch here, but if you see something you like, you’d better get it as their products tend to sell out somewhat quickly.

Arrow Video Physical media isn’t dead yet! Arrow Video specializes in restoring horror and cult classic films. They provide deluxe definitive editions, uncut, with newly commissioned artwork. They have taken many old classic films and minted Ultra 4K versions of your favorites. For connoisseurs who want the best version possible of their bloody favorites, this is the place to go.

Etsy – Horror Plushies- If you have a hankering for a yarn plushie of your favorite serial killer, this is the place to go. Support independent crafters and artists directly through Etsy. Super cute, sorta horrifying!

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