The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 156: The Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time #20-1

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At long last, The Scariest Things is proud to present to you our TOP 20 Horror Movies of All Time, as curated by a selection committee of 72 expert jurors. No sleeper films here. These are all beloved landmark films, but the question is, how do they rank against each other?

First things first… if you haven’t seen the rest of the list, you can start here and work your way down, or you can go back to Episode 152 and start the list from the beginning. We’ve broken our Top 100 into blocks of 20, and though we reveal the movies in this blog post, this is first and foremost a podcast reveal of what we are proposing to be the Top of the Top. The Best of the Best. If you want to know how these picks were made, and who the people were who make the picks check out our selection Committee Vote Breakdown.

The rest of the Top 100 list can be found through these links:





Since you have made it this far, you are not afraid of the spoilers of what the top 20 are. If you want to avoid spoilers, step back, upload our podcast first, and then use this post as a reference. OR… just scroll down to the bottom of this page for the audio link. As an added bonus, Episode 156 is a bit of an extended episode, as is justified by the significance of these films. We dare not disrespect these films!

If you asked a random person on the street to name a scary movie, they probably would name a movie that’s in our top 20. (Possible exception: Friday the 13th). These are meaningful movies. These are powerful movies. If you are coming to this list and are not familiar with these movies… it may be time for you to get in front of your TV and catch up.

If you want to approve of our decisions or tell us that we’re full of poo (Scary poo) please drop us a line at info@scariesthings.com. Or, if you would like to be part of a chat community, think about joining our Friends of Scariest Things Facebook Group! Let us know what you think! What is YOUR favorite horror movie? What movie should have made the list? What movies should NOT have made the list? For future reference, if you want to be involved with projects like this, please think about being one of our Patreon subscribers, and you too could be a voting member for future ranking and ratings. (Including our annual Thingy Awards!)

So grab yourself a bucket of popcorn and get ready to listen to an epic podcast where we celebrate the absolute greatest horror movies of all time.

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