The Scariest Things Episode 153: The Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time #80-61

Fangoria! Woo!
Who wants more horror movie recommendations?

The Scariest Things continues the reconstruction of our Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time list! Listen in as Ian Parker once again helps host our rollout of the best of the scary. Liz, Mike, and Eric also compete to see how many of their favorite films ended up in the top 100, with the winner getting to claim the title of Mayor of Horror Tropetown! So far, it’s looking pretty good for Liz. There’s a little something for everyone at this point in the list, and perhaps a few movies that you might not be familiar with, though most of these are bonafide classics!

If there is any testimonial for why we curate our top 100 list, the #80 to 61 rankings prove the point. There are several movies that the Scariest Things podcast hosts listed as over-rated in this batch. (What? No!) The jury has proven our judgment perhaps a little suspect. We respect, however, the voice of the experts who have helped curate the films and we stand by our list.

There are a couple of films that have found some justice in this outing, having missed out in the 2018 rankings, and there are a couple of iconic films that stunned us by not making it last time but got in this time around. The much-maligned films from the nineties do themselves proud in this section as well, proving that perhaps that era deserves a little more respect.

This batch is a broad mix of comedy horror, extravagant big studio productions, and some micro-budget indie pictures that broke it big time. For those of you who want to be surprised by our audio commentary, jump to the link below (and quickly look away from the images below.) However, for those of you who want to jump ahead of the podcast, and want to get spoiled and know what the next set is, here are the next set of twenty great horror films:

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