We've got a full house, and are fully loaded with reviews, previews, and news of festivals, books, and upcoming genre films! Check out Episode 25!
Cosmic fishiness, served up multiple ways, and one of the freakiest museum anywhere await in the latest Spooky Time. Liz and Eric literally travel the Earth (and the internet) to share the best in spooky in Spooky Time 24.
As we enter into fall, Spooky Time takes some time to preview some upcoming big titles, as well as a promising franchise fan film, and we also look back at the best horror short films from the first half of 2023.
Spooky Time looks back at ONE MILLION views, and marvels at how this little engine that could, did it! Also, Mike talks about his experience with Sharksploitation, Liz is overloaded with Fantasia reviews, and we discuss if the Exorcist trailer has us more or less excited about the upcoming Reboot.
While Mike risked life and limb in the jungles of Costa Rica, Robert, Liz, and Eric gathered to discuss films at Fantasia Fest, BiFAN 2023, and a couple of excellent Stephen King Documentaries. Listen in to a recommendation filled episode, Spooky Time 19!
Time to read some books, watch some films and play some games with The Scariest Things in Spooky Time Episode 17!
The 8th Annual Portland Horror Film Festival is back in action, live at the Hollywood Theater in Portland Oregon OR... streaming live at your home! This years offerings conjure up one word: GONZO. Come see Barabara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs reuinite for the wild Onyx The Fortuitous and the Talisman of Souls. The much praised Black Mold will be the Opening Night feature, and there will be a total of 9 features and 60 Horror Shorts... at a festival noted for giving you the best horror shorts on the festival circuit. See you there!
It's Spooky Time 15! Time for a mayoral election for Tropetown, where all your scary movie themes get discussed. Also: - Liz goes scratch off ticket crazy for Glenn Danzig's new film. - Mike does a mid-year report on his looking foward-to movies (it's not pretty) - Eric talks about his experiences at Crypticon in Seattle.
Summer is nearly here, and it is now time to reflect back at how the horror genre has done so far, and look forward to some wonderfully stoopid action like the Meg2! Plus Liz is on the Fantasia Press Pool and Robert found some Lovecraft short stories for those of you literate enough to digest the prose.
It's the Original Crew of Mike and Eric for Episode 13! We gave Robert and Liz the day off... In this Episode, Mike announces a new Faces of Death movie (Really!) and the release of Count Crowley: Amateur Midnight Monster Hunter. Eric talks about his new Horror Movie production fantasy draft experience: The Horror Movie Greenlight Pitch that will be coming out at Crypticon later this month.
We have a full house of Scariest Things for Spooky Time 12! We shill for some of our favorite scary shops. We review a BLOODY action film that is getting lots of attention, and Mike continues his pursuit of Texas Chainsaw completion. Good Luck, Mike.
In This Episode of Spooky Time 11: - Mike breaks down the various versions of the Boston Strangler. - Liz gets you ready for Panic Fest, and shows of the latest novel from S.A. Cosby. - Eric points you to two big new horror trailers, and shows off an essential horror movie reference book!
It's Spring Break Time! The Scariest Things has lined up some things for you to get ready for your Horror-Themed spring break! - Robert advocates for Fright Rags for your Tee Shirt needs, before heading out for Festival Season. - Mike has some great reading material for you from horror novelist Clay McLeod Chapman. - Eric has found your Spring Break Horror Road Trip guide! And a wacky summer time horror camp. Episode 9 Starts NOW!
In Episode 8 of Spooky Time: - Mike and Liz Report back from their experiences at SXSW - Mike, got a chance to do some Texas Chainsaw Massacre touring . - Eric comes to the table with his review of the Variety Top 100. - Liz finds another favorite book of hers that is being given the chance at a premium TV series. - Eric reports on Guillermo Del Toro's next Horror Movie. (It's familiar)
The Scariest Things is heading down to Austin for SXSW and The Overlook Film Festival, two of the most influential festivals in America and we are previewing them for you in Episode 7 of Spooky Time!
It's the age old debate: Book vs. Movie. Which did it better? In the spotlight in Episode 6 of Spooky Time: Paul Tremblay's novel: The Cabin at the End of the World vs. M. Night Shyamalan's Knock at the Cabin.
It's SPOOKY TIME! In this week's episode: Liz returns from Rome, with a report on the Profondo Rosso Store. Robert found a highly curated horror book subscription service. Eric announced a team up with the Jersey Ghouls for a Zombie March Madness Bracket Dance. And... Mike was on a train to the great white oblivion.
Liz flees to Rome to escape the oncoming hordes of Mardi Gras invaders (and to go on a Dario Argento Pilgrimage), leaving Robert, Eric, and a freshly shaven Mike Campbell sans beard to carry on with Spooky Time. Topics Include: Deadstream, The Last of Us, Children of the Corn, and a Cronenberg TV Conversion.
In Spooky Time, our weekly roundup of horror musings from the world of film, TV, Books and games, this weeks topics are: Eric talks about a really scary PC Video Game. Robert found a collection of overseas Lovecraft graphic novels. Mike recommends two movies with the word "DEATH" in the title. Liz reviews Brett Easton Ellis's (American Psycho) new book The Shards. And as a bonus talks about a movie she had to bail on.
All the new buzz from your friends at The Scariest Things! Our new weekly format continues, as we do a quick session of weekly musings on happenings in horror this week! Check out Episode 2, now in both a YouTube and Podcast format!

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