Spooky Time Episode 5

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Liz has returned back from Italy, and this week it’s Mike that is away!

In this week’s episode of Spooky Time:

  • Eric got an adorable and creepy new plushy buddy at the Portland Fan Expo. You can never have enough scary stuffies.
  • Liz went to the Profondo Rosso Store in Rome, and she gives us her impression of the little shrine of a museum to Dario Argento.
  • Robert has found a great resource for horror book hounds, a curated book subscription service called the Night Worms Book Club.
  • Eric announced a team-up with The Jersey Ghouls Podcast, where we will be participating in a 32-movie March Madness-style bracket to select the best Zombie movie of all time! Eric puts on his ESPN hat, and does a bit of bracketology breakdown of the movies in the field.

When Mike returns, we’ll get to talking about Knock at the Cabin and (hopefully) Cocaine Bear! GRRRRRRR!!! (Sniff) GRRRRRR!!!

Until next week… enjoy our twenty minutes of insight for this week!

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