The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 173: The Wheel of Misfortune Has Been Spun- Part 1!

Fangoria! Woo!
It’s a Scariest Things and Jersey Ghouls mash-up when we spin the Wheel of Misfortune!

Do you want to play a game? That is what we said to Jackie and Marissa, The Jersey Ghouls back on Spooky Time Episode 18. The Ghouls joined The Scariest Things crew and we all spun the Wheel of Misfortune, ahhhhhhh!

The Wheel had 42 (!) franchise options and after a nail-biting round of wheel spinning and trying to avoid getting the 15-film Puppet Master franchise the results were in. Now we’re back together and ready to talk franchises!

Here’s what you can look forward to in part 1 of The Wheel of Misfortune results extravaganza:

  • Put on your sunglasses as Mike sparkles with Twilight

Watch and listen to part one of the EXTRAVAGANZA below on our YouTube page or in your podcast feed! Like, subscribe, and share with your friends, and stay tuned for PART 2 coming out soon.

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