Spooky Time Episode 7

Scary DVDs! Woo!

The Film Festival season gets going in earnest in March. Sundance, at the end of February usually marks the beginning of the season. The Midwest Weird Fest (which our writer Joseph Perry) starts off March 5, and is followed by Frightfest Glasgow (March 9), the massive SXSW festival (March 10), The Boston Underground Film Festival (March 22), and rounding out with one of our favorites, the Overlook Film Festival (March 29).

Mike and Liz are just now in Austin to cover the SXSW festival, in which we have been in the press pool for the past three years, and Eric will be traveling to New Orleans to join Liz at the Overlook Film Festival, to participate for the fifth straight year. For those of you who are not familiar with the Overlook, in Episode 7 of Spooky Time, the Scariest Things gives you a history of the films shown in New Orleans (We’d love to see you there!) and we share our impressions and expectations for both of the big showcases we are attending.

Check out our preview of SXSW and Overlook right here:

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