The Scariest Things Podcast: Spooky Time Episode 12

Scary DVDs! Woo!

We have an entire cast for Spooky Time 12! (How did we pull that off?)

In this jam-packed episode of Spooky Time:

  • Liz reports on the much talked about Finnish revenge gore-fest Sisu.
  • Eric announces a new relationship with TOYNK, who has just released a new line of fabulous Killer Klow Stuffies! Get ’em while they’re still sleepy from eating so many candy-coated humans.
  • Eric pitches the desire to get some films into the National Film Historical Registry.
  • Robert found a REALLY cool makeup effects store that can give you access to a real treasure trove of gory goodness. WARNING… this site shows some pretty convincing gory makeup effects. NSFW!
  • Mike is still in his Texas Chainsaw Massacre having traveled to the TCM gas station. (Must be the fumes) and he has uncovered what just might be a missing link to the Chainsaw franchise.

You know, it felt good to have everybody on the call for a change. It means more scary tidbits for you!

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