Liz’s Review: Blue Hour: The Disappearance of Nick Brandreth: (Panic Fest 2023)

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Directed by Dan Bowhers

True crime documentarian Olivia Brandreth (Morgan DeTogne) is on the search for the truth in her latest project, but this time the subject matter is close to home; she is setting out to solve the dissapearance of her father, photographer Nick Brandeth, who vanished from Rochester, NY in 1997. With the help of her producer Chris (Michael Kowalski) and cameraman Luke (Mike Headford), she returns home to solve the 25 year old case.

Olivia and her crew are met with pushback form the police who had ruled her father’s disappearance as a suicide but are helped by the former owner of the local camera store where her father spent hours developing his film, and the private investigator who her mother had dismissed as a kook all those years before. These two lead the team down an unexpected supernatural path of mysterious doors in the woods, black pyramids and the acolytes who guard them at all costs.

This film is a whole lot of fun! It had so many elements that I love: true crime, mockumentary style, creepy images and time travel, seamlessly woven into a wonderfully produced and acted film. Fans of Lake Mungo, Primer and Something in the Dirt are not going to want to miss it.

Blue Hour: The Disappearance of Nick Brandreth just had its world premier at Panic Fest and will also be available in the virtual portion of the festival. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned to The Scariest Things for more on this great film.

Blue Hour (2023) Trailer from Tiny Voice on Vimeo.

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