Spooky Time Episode 9

Fangoria! Woo!

Though the weather in some places in the US would indicate otherwise (Portland, for example, where it snowed yesterday!), Spring Break is right around the corner. The Scariest Things, in Episode 9 will have you ready for your Scary Spring Break Needs:

  • Robert will have you ready has been shopping at one of our favorite online horror provisioners, Fright-Rags! Not one of our sponsors, but we love them! Eric highly recommends the horror socks. Just what you need before you head out on the film festival tours.
  • Mike has some Spring Break reading suggestions, as he touts the latest book from Clay McLeod Chapman, Ghost Eaters, which Mike believes is a modern Gothic classic, and that Chapman is one of the great current horror authors.
  • If you want to go visit some landmark horror movie shot locations, Eric has found Atlas Obscura’s Great Horror American Road-Trip guide. In it, you will find linked locations of places that show up in many significant horror movies across the country.
  • Liz is sacrificing her podcasting time to go watch Scream 6. She’ll be reporting back soon… but she doesn’t seem impressed.
  • EDITOR’S NOTE: In this episode, Eric also mentions an Adult Horror Camping experience, The 13 Hour Fright Night Campout. What I didn’t notice was this was a link from 2016 (whoops!) and now it is unclear as to whether this event is still on or not. It might still be happening in Atlanta this year. Also, some reviews note that the “Guts” version of the camp is very physical, so you had better be ready for getting tackled and manhandled if you opt for the more aggressive experience.
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