The Scariest Things Podcast: Spooky Time #2

Fangoria! Woo!

Spooky Time continues! For those who have missed the first episode, we have taken it upon ourselves to be more active in our streaming media posts this year, with a weekly snippet to catch you all up on current happenings in the tropes and trends of the horror genre.

In Episode 2:

  • Robert introduces a new element to be added to our review posts.
  • Liz reports on two new horror TV Spots.
  • Eric offers up a couple of horror-themed board games.
  • Mike dishes on the latest from Fangoria, and what in the latest issue inspired him to get a DVD. Yep, Mike is still old school.

Check out our YouTube feed as well… and you can watch four middle-aged horror fans figure out how to create a video format! I do feel like we are getting better at this. We now have a video feed from Robert, and we are now feeding the audio back through our mixing board, allowing for a clean Podcast feed as well!

If you like seeing us regularly, updating you weekly with a quick video feed please go to our YouTube site and smash that like button like a kaiju with a bad attitude!

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