Spooky Time Episode 4

ATMOSfx! Woo!

Liz flees to Rome to escape the oncoming hordes of Mardi Gras invaders (and to go on a Dario Argento Pilgrimage), leaving Robert, Eric, and a freshly shaven Mike Campbell sans beard to carry on with Spooky Time.

  • Robert discovered a production announcement from the festival darling, Deadstream, about how they managed to separate themselves from the rest of the Indie Horror aspirants.
  • Eric shares his early impressions of the HBO Max zombie apocalypse smash hit, The Last of Us. Can it keep up the early success?
  • Mike brings in the bumper crop of scary maize history with a breakdown of The Children of the Corn franchise and reveals a potential reboot coming up.
  • Liz wanted to ensure everyone knows that a favorite David Cronenberg film is being turned into an Amazon Prime series, starring Rachel Weisz.

We’ll get more from Liz about her Giallo excursion in Italy next week, but until then check out the latest we have for Spooky Time! Again, stab that like button… really hard… make it know your wrath! (And your love for the Scariest Things.) If you don’t do it, we won’t know that you want to see more of the YouTube Content!

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