Spooky Time Episode 3

ATMOSfx! Woo!

As the Beatles sang “It’s getting better all the time!”, the same is true with SPOOKY TIME! Our weekly roundup of horror musings from the world of film, TV, books, and games has now hit its third week, and I have to say… we’re getting better at the YouTube thing!

In this week’s Episode:

  • Eric talks about a really scary PC video game.
  • Robert found a collection of overseas Lovecraft graphic novels.
  • Mike recommends two movies with the word “DEATH” in the title.
  • Liz reviews Bret Easton Ellis’s (American Psycho) new book The Shards. And as a bonus talks about a movie she had to bail on.

As always, here is our YouTube Stream. And please, if you want to keep seeing video content, like and subscribe to the YouTube links.

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