The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 154: The Top 100 Horror Films of All Time #60-41

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Our next batch of twenty top horror films finds us at the middle section of our list. For those who are just tuning in, The Scariest Things has curated the Top 100 Horror Films of All Time with a selected jury of experts to put the stamp of authenticity to the roster. Every juror got to vote for their top 25 films of all time, with a weighted score that puts their top selection worth 25 points, and incrementally decreasing to their 25th film being worth one point.

This is the second iteration of our big list, but we more than doubled the amount of participating jurors, and it now includes a lot of industry insiders: Directors, actors, writers, festival directors, and fellow podcasters among the group. We’d like to take the opportunity to once again thank the participating jurors without whom this list would be rather dubious!

Eighties fans will be happy with the representation of several iconic films from this decade coming into the mid-point of the Top 100 List. Is this because many of our jurors (including several of our filmmaker jurors) were impressionable youths during the ’80s? Quite possibly! Nostalgia certainly plays a role in some of these selections.

J-Horror has a couple of the tent-pole horror films from Japan in this batch, and the jury still respects the true silver age classics to put one of Universal’s best quite high up the list. Proof positive that horror fans still respect the history of the genre. And newer films that showed up in the list from four years ago proved they weren’t flukes, showing up again in the 2022 version of our list. You sometimes wonder about recency bias in lists like these, but if your film is truly awesome, it deserves a spot on this list and should stick around.

There are a couple of the films that are brand new to the list, real high climbers that were NOT on the list in our previous iteration. Once again, The Scariest Things is joined by Ian Parker who helped compile the ballot data from all of our jurors and is getting to present to the Scariest Team the results. Yes, you can scroll below to find out how this list fleshes out, but for real fun, go to the bottom of the page and give our podcast a listen, and use this page as a reference guide.

Thanks again to all 72 of our judges who helped participate.

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