Liz’s Top 10 Horror Films of 2022

Fangoria! Woo!
Speak No Evil, the feel bad movie of the year…and my No. 1 pick
2022 was a banner year for horror and this could easily have been a top 20 list but I narrowed it down to my top 10…er, top 11. We were fully back in person at festivals and in theaters. Speaking of festivals I got to cover 5 this year: SXSW, Panic Fest, The Overlook Film Festival, Fantasia International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest and they all had great films to offer. My list has something for everyone- the feel bad film of the year, 2 hilarious indie comedies, a 2 hour gore fest and a Christmas film. 2022 was truly a great year for film and cheers to keeping it up in 2023!

1. Speak No Evil– directed by Christian Tafdrup

Definitely the feel bad movie of the year, Speak no Evil was one that I saw and reviewed in January during Sundance and could not stop thinking about, earning it the top spot on my list. You can see this jaw dropping film for yourself on Shudder.

2. Watcher– directed by Chloe Okuno

Chloe Okuno’s debut feature Watcher blew my mind when I saw it at SXSW. It is a perfect slow burn horror thriller with atmosphere to spare. Hollywood has taken notice of Okuno’s talent as it was just announced that she’ll be directing the new Fear Street installments for Netflix! In the meantime, Watcher is for rent on all VOD platforms.

3. Resurrection– directed by Andrew Seamans

All hail Rebecca Hall! Her breathtaking performance as an abuse survivor who is confronted years later by her abuser, Tim Roth at his creepiest, is what has allowed this movie to live rent free in my head since seeing it as this year’s Overlook Film Festival. Resurrection is available to stream on Shudder.

4. Barbarian– directed by Zach Cregger

Barbarian was the film with the most buzz early this fall. It was the film everyone said you had to see but wouldn’t tell you anything about…and boy was it a wild ride with plot twists NO ONE could have ever seen coming. If you missed this gem in the theaters, it is currently available on HBO Max.

5. Cult Hero– directed by Jesse Thomas Cook

This very silly horror comedy about a washed up reality TV “cult buster” had me laughing out loud during its world premier at the Fantasia International Film Festival. Cult Hero was picked up by Gravitas Ventures and will be released in 2023!

6. Terrifier 2– directed by Damien Leone

No one is more surprised than I am that this 2+ hour gorefest is on my top 10 list, but 2022 was Terrifier 2‘s year! Made for only 250k, this sequel grossed over 10 million dollars in theaters even while people were throwing up or walking out. While I recently admitted that I will only see this film once on our One and Done podcast episode, this film embodies the can do attitude of independent horror.

7. X– directed by Ti West

We have been waiting for Ti West to come back to the big screen and X (which I got to experience at the World Premier at SXSW!) was worth the wait. Now with the prequel Pearl already out we’ll wait patiently (not) for 2023’s Maxxxine.

8. When the Screaming Starts– directed by Conor Boro

An independent horror comedy about an aspiring serial killer that won us over at Panic Fest. You can listen to our interview with cast and crew and see this film for yourselves on all VOD platforms.

9. Violent Night– directed by Tommy Wirkola

Let David Harbour, John Leguizamo and Beverly D’Angelo whip you into the holiday sprit with this fun and bloody Christmas movie sure to earn a spot on your annual holiday watch list.

10. It’s a TIE: Glorious– directed by Rebecca Mckendry and Dashcam– directed by Rob Savage

One film has a talking glory hole in a gas station bathroom and the other has a protagonist you wish would shut up, but both Glorious and Dashcam needed to me on my list. Glorious is available to stream on Shudder, while Dashcam is on Hulu. You can also listen to my interview with Dashcam director Rob Savage here!

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