Liz’s Review: Barbarian

Fangoria! Woo!

★★★★ out of ★★★★★
Directed by Zach Cregger

Unless you live under a rock, or just don’t go online, you have probably already heard about the film Barbarian. It’s been called this year’s Malignant and most reviews say don’t read reviews and go into this film knowing as little as possible. I totally agree with that sentiment so this review is going to be really, really short.

Barbarian is the story of Tess (Georgina Campbell), who rents an Air BnB in Detroit for a job interview. When she shows up on a dark and stormy night, the house is already occupied by Keith (Bill Skarsgård) who invites her in and offers to share the house for the night and straighten out the double booking in the morning. Tess decides to stay and soon discovers that the other houseguest is not what she needs to be afraid of. Insanity ensues…

With top notch performances, plenty of laughs and loads of “oh shit” moments Barbarian is the most fun I’ve had in the theater this year. Do yourself a favor and see it on the big screen (it’s playing everywhere now) before it comes to streaming platforms.

I recommend going in as cold as possible but, if you want to see a little bit of what you’re in for, check out the trailer below:

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