Liz’s Review: Speak No Evil (Sundance Film Festival 2022)

Fangoria! Woo!
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★★★★1/2 out of ★★★★★
Directed by Christian Tafdrup

Bjørn (Morten Burian), Louise (Sidsel Siem Koch), and their daughter Agnes (Liva Forsberg) are a Danish family enjoying a vacation in the idyllic Tuscany region of Italy at a small hotel. After nights of being bored to tears by dinner conversations with a couple obsessed with their cooking class, they meet a charming Dutch family: Patrick (Fedja Van Huêt), Karin (Karina Smulders), and their son Able (Marius Damslev), and they instantly hit it off.

Months later they receive a postcard from Partick and Karin inviting the Danes to visit them at their home in The Netherlands. While Louise is not so sure about the invitation, Bjørn asks “what’s the worst that could happen”? So the family pack up the car and head out on what they think will be a relaxing break and a chance to reconnect with their new friends.

Upon arrival the small house and sleeping arrangements are not ideal for a group and as the weekend progresses a building series of little uncomfortable things have the couple ready to leave but politeness forces them to “grin and bear it” until the visit culminates in horrific circumstances.

The Director, Christian Tafdrup

In the director’s statement before the screening, Tafdurp said he wanted to make the most unpleasant film he could, and boy, did he succeed; this film is so uncomfortable to watch! He also referenced Lars von Trier and Haneke as directors who influenced the film and if you are familiar with their work you know what you’re about to see will not be pleasant. Tafdurp excels at building tension and keeps you on the edge of your seat and ready to cover your eyes. This is a film that will spark conversation and will not easily be forgotten. Speak No Evil is one movie that horror fans will not want to miss!

Speak No Evil has been picked up by AMC and will be coming to Shudder soon! Check out the trailer and prepare yourself!

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