The Scariest Things Podcast Episode 158: One and Done Horror

Scary DVDs! Woo!
Art the Clown… Been there, Seen it, and Once is Enough! Terrifier
Sometimes, you only need to see a horror movie once.

Maybe it’s just because you don’t feel a need to return to the film. Or, perhaps the movie surprises have been seen, and you’re satisfied that you’ve seen what you need to have seen. And, of course, you may have barely made it through the movie the first time but don’t have the stomach to watch it again.

And then there are movies that you feel you got roped into, and it pissed you off. You want horror movies that make you scared, but you don’t want a movie to make you upset that you were subjected to it.

This is not to say that these are bad movies. In fact, a few of the movies that we will discuss are in our Top 500 Horror Films of all Time. We each had movies that we admired, but are perfectly fine having seen it once and are satisfied that we can write down that we’ve seen it, but thanks for the memories, that’s enough. Too Gory. Too slow. To obnoxious. Too confusing. Whatever the reason, these movies made our checklist, and we’ll call it a day.

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