The Scariest Things Podcast Extra: An Interview with Dashcam Director Rob Savage (Panic Fest 2022)

Scary DVDs! Woo!

Host director Rob Savage is bringing his new shakey cam film Dashcam to Panic Fest! The Scariest Things’ Liz Williams sat down with Rob on a zoom call (yes, even after watching Host!) and talked Dashcam, found footage, life during the pandemic, and all things horror! The film is already earning some considerable buzz within the horror community. Savage knows a bit about dread as he continues to tap into the angst of life in the time of COVID 19, scratching at all those fears that we have been accumulating over the past two years.

Zooming with Rob Savage!

Dashcam is showing at the Screenland Armour Theater for an in-person-only screening during Panic Fest on Sunday, May 1st, and Wednesday, May 4th. If you are in Kansas City and don’t already have your Panic Fest pass, you can buy tickets to either showing here. Dashcam will be available in wide release on June 3rd, in the US, and June 6th in the UK.

Interview with Liz Williams

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