Movie Posters We Love: Top Ten Movie Posters from 2022

Another year and another dollar! Once again Hollyweird cranked up the hype machine and had us parking our collective butts back in the theaters. What got your butt back in the theater? What got you to risk exposure to another Covid variant? What got you to shell out $14 bones for a mountain of greasy popcorn? 

The POSTER! That’s what did it. 

Once again, the great design minds gathered around the warm hue of their laptops and got to thinking…what’ll scare the hell out of people, titillate them, and lure them out of the sun and into the darkened corners of their local theater? Again. The poster. 

Now 132 years old, the poster — but not necessarily the horror poster — has been holding court over our collective conscious for a minute or two. Allegedly, the the very first movie poster ever was in 1890, for a short film called Projections Artistiques. Definite not horror (we think), but most certainly a POSTER!

Fast forward a hundred+ years and we’ve never turned our backs on the poster. This year’s offerings are no exception to the great horror poster hype machine. They were all over the board both literally and figuratively. Some terrifying and gory, and some goofy and kooky. Some were mysterious while others were downright puzzlers. 

No matter your disposition towards the poster it’s fair to say they have always and will forever be a part of the deepest recesses of your horror-packed brain. And 2022 was packed with some doozies. Without further ado, in no particular order, are the…


Fangoria! Woo!

There you go! The best horror poster design work that 2022 had to offer. Disagree? What!?!? Really? You saw something better? That’s fine. Tell us what we missed. Really…drop us a line and point us to that poster that had you quaking in your boots and sprinting to the theater to heave your hard earned cash at the ticket booth.

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