Movie Posters We Love: Top Ten Horror Movie Posters from 2021!

We warned you that we’d be back in the theaters in 2021 and we were! The Scariest Things Podcast, spread all across the globe, represented well in theaters far and wide. We were up close and personal for the Conjuring III, Halloween Kills, Malignant, Candyman, and many, many others. 

Being (safely) back in the theaters was a breath of…well, recycled air. While the air is yet to be germ free, the Scariest Things Podcast was exceptionally excited to simply roil in the cimema-going experience. Sticky floors, hyper-sugary Slushies, obnoxious patrons tweeting their opinions during the film, and others delivering their opinions for all to hear in real time. 

Let’s be honest, the theater experience has always been something of a crapshoot, but the one constant guiding light that gets our butts in seats has been the POSTER! Going all the way back to the magnificent Mummy poster from 1932 — coming in at a grand 40 x 27 inches — the poster has been the flame to draw in us grizzled horror hounds. 

Whether it’s the notorious and equally infamous poster for Umberto Lenzi’s Cannibal Ferox which mightily claimed that the film was banned in 31 countries, or the equally enthralling — yet ominous — poster for 1977’s The Hills Have Eyes, these posters have exited us like nobody’s business!

As we creep out of our metaphorical Covid crypts and back in to the warm glow of the theater it’s deeply reassuring to know that Hollywood has our back and that they haven’t abandoned the most important hype tool in existence, the HORROR MOVIE poster. 

Fangoria! Woo!

While we loved this year’s offerings from Hollyweird, we also wanted to give a shout out to the Australian design firm that handled VW’s horror-themed advertising. Wait…what? Did we just say VW? As in Volkswagon? Yes, yes we did. This grouping is a slice of brilliance that makes our horror hardened hearts go pitter patter.

Way to go DDB Australia!

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