The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode XLIII: Insights from Our Top 100

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Day of the dead bub

That’s right, Bub!  Mike and Eric have gone through and broken down our top 100 Horror movie list.  The close calls and could have beens and the maybe shouldn’t have beens.  Listen in!

It was such a Herculean task, we couldn’t leave it be.  Mike and Eric break down the top 100 list, and beyond.  What surprised us?  What might have been on the list?  What SHOULD have been on the list?  (AKA Sour grapes) and What is it that we’ll need to catch up on?

Sadly, Bub, Day of the Dead did not make it to the big list, but two of your sibling films did make it.  Your daddy (George Romero) would be proud, for sure.

Stay tuned to this blog site, as we will have some fun infographics that will break down the where, when, and how’s of the Top 100 list!  Enjoy!

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