The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XXXIV: The Top 100 Horror Films of All Time #90-81

We move on with our favorite Horror Movies of all Time.  Here come the Horror Comedies!  And, J-Horror has landed, along with a couple of very recent favorites.

The full scope of the genre can be seen in this batch of films.  You get a little of the goofy, a bit of the ultra-bloody, and a bunch of foreign contributions in 81-90.  The Scariest Things is tracking all the films on THE BIG LIST, and we will continue to update this, ten movies per week… until we get to the top.  But, you will continue to get the information first on the Podcast with Mike and Eric revealing the roster one by one.

You can also check out who our fabulous contributing jury was for the creation of the list in our TOP 100 menu, where you can see each of our 30 judge’s top 25 movies.  Let this be your guide to catching the essentials, and I suspect in the bottom half of the bracket, some movies you may not have known about.  Until… now!

So, sit back, and absorb some horror goodness.  Do you agree with the list so far?  Are you loving the selections?  No?  Well, the debate about the big list is part of the fun. And, it probably means that your favorite movies will be showing up later in the list.  Unless you happen to be a Child’s Play fan, in which case you’re out of luck.

Ed.  Big shout out to ace horror movie researcher, Ernie Campbell.

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