The Scariest Things Podcast Episode XXXVII: The Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time #60-51

You want gross movies?  Here we go!  This section of the top 100 features blood and guts to spare!

The march to #1 continues, unstoppable, inexorable, and the movies just get bigger from here on out.  In this group of films, we are forced to recognize the much debated “Horror Movie or Not?” question.  We’ve got perhaps the most masterfully executed horror-sci-fi-action film ever made, and one of the most visually compelling horror-crime noir productions, both of which will undoubtedly be recognized as two of the great movies ever made… but I know there are going to be cries of “That’s not horror!”  Well, you may be partially right, but we have a very inclusive and welcoming set of criteria here.  Plus, c’mon, these are awesome films, right?

The extremes of horror film taste are on display in this batch.  Two beloved notorious and nasty cult films from the 80’s make their mark in this segment of the list, as well as a goofy sequel to one of these classics.  And the high water mark for torture porn has arrived.  Watch these films only if you have a high threshold for truly gruesome and gory fare!  A couple of these are near the top of Eric’s Horror Meter.

Rounding out the middle block is a superbly filmed ghost story, perhaps THE definitive take on a haunted house, along with a criminally underseen movie about madness, paranoia, and why hanging out in abandoned insane asylums is probably not good for your health, and a convincing and intense shaky-cam / found footage movie from Barcelona.  You might notice that there are nine films in this block rather than ten… this is due in part to a tie in the previous block, where we had 11… and Eric showed that he missed out on the Asian trait of being great at math.

So now, sit back and enjoy Episode 37… has your favorite movie shown up on the list yet?  Spaces are beginning to run out!

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