The Scariest Things Podcast: Episode XXXVI: The Top 100 Horror Movies of All Time #70-61

Who wants bonus horror?  Well, we’ve got it for you… a little extra has been put into our Top 100 list between 70-61.  It stretches the entirety of the genre, from the very beginning to the very recent.  Black and white, goofy, and somber.  Drink in the next batch of our Top 100 list!

Well, we have a bit of a bonus for you.  It’s funny how math works, but because we have a tie for both 69 and 64, we have realized that we’ve got an extra movie in the top “100” for you!  Hey, it’s the new math, right?  (If you count the films there are 11 in this batch) But, I’m sure you won’t’ complain.  We continue the trend from the previous batch of films with a couple of gateway horror films from the 80’s, filled with nostalgia and mischievous intent.  Also making its appearance here is one of the very first horror movies, still frightening, nearly a century after its creation. The top 100 list has largely been missing the golden age monster movies, but perhaps the best of the old Universal film has thankfully not been forgotten, and shows up in this batch. The maturity of horror is on display also, with two contemplative horror films from 1973 make their mark in this episode.

We get the appearance of one of the silliest, and gut-busting (literally and figuratively) horror comedies ever made, as well as a couple of mid-budget horror studio productions from the 1980’s… a trend that has almost gone away, but seems to be making a comeback now.  The Scariest Thing’s Mike Campbell is quite pleased that a movie that helped transition the genre from grindhouse to the VHS era, replete with it’s sinister silver sphere, and the inimitable Angus Scrim has made the list, in a very respectable showing. And our juror Sharon Yablon’s #1 movie, one of the original mad slasher movies… a film that borrowed strongly from the urban legend of “The Killer is in the House!”

So, listen up, y’all!  We’re into the meat of the list now.  Are any of these films among your favorites?  Do you agree?  Disagree?  That’s what these lists are all about!  Thanks again to our esteemed jury for their selections… but now… here is Episode XXXVI!

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