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ATMOSfx! Woo!
Do you have a toy that is staring at you from the corner of your bedroom, and you just can’t handle it anymore? Well, Unsettling Toys is here to help you out.

As we await a re-boot of the Child’s Play franchise, coming out later this year, we turn our eyes to the real thing. Brian Jillson, one of our Patreon contributors is starting up a business that helps repatriate creepy toys from ignominious fates. Maybe you have a creepy doll that you inherited from your grandmother, and you just can’t stomach having it on display. Unsettling Toys will compassionately remove the offending doll, and find a new home for it… because there are people who just may want that slightly spooky doll with the dead eyes.

Their mission statement and website can be found HERE. If you know someone who has a freaky looking toy that may need to find a new home, send them a message. Are they haunted? Maybe. Will they hunt you down when you are sleeping? Perhaps. Possessed? Quite probably.

But I bet you’re up for it! Imagine one of these lovelies on your bed:

You know you want one. It’s calling to you. Do it. DOOOO IT!

If you have something genuinely creepy that you would like to share with the Scariest Community, become one of our friends on Patreon! We would love to help promote others in the genre community.

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