Scary Radio Plays: A Garden of Terrible Blooms

Fangoria! Woo!
Painting by Cassie Taggart
Award-Winning playwright Sharon Yablon taps into her noir sensibilities for a new podcast of genre radio dramas, A Garden of Terrible Blooms. Prepare for the surreal one-act dramas that touch on elements of mystery, horror, and true-crime centered around L.A.’s famed Sunset Boulevard.

One of the things we are proudest about at The Scariest Things is supporting our friends in the scary creatives community. Whether it’s an independent film festival, like The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival, or a scary doll conservation and adoption project like Unsettling Toys, or an ambitious publishing horror book like Unexpected Pop Up, we are all wanting to share our love of the scary with fellow fans.

A good Friend of the Scariest Things, Sharon Yablon is a Los Angeles playwright who has just launched a new podcast, A Garden of Terrible Blooms, that showcases a series of short radio plays that she wrote and directed. Sharon is one of our most active community members and is a big-time horror and true-crime fan, and that certainly influences her work. Her pieces have elements of horror but they’re not strictly classified as horror, but they certainly reside in the gauzy and dreamy adjacent space next to horror.

The first play that she has produced is “The Last Transmission”: A police helicopter pilot starts to lose touch with reality when he veers off course into the Los Angeles night.

The Last Transmission features the voice-over acting talent of Anna Khaja, John Nielsen, and Gregory Littman. In an overture to classic radio dramas, it also features a bevy of sound effects, music, and audio cues, so this does not feel like an audiobook, but something more active. This first outing is wonderfully noir and moves along in a brisk 17 minutes. You’ll be able to finish off a drama in an average evening commute home!

According to Yablon, the next play will be about a mass murderer’s wife, called “The Grim Sleeper” which will certainly play strongly to our horror-centric fans. Expect a new stand-alone play every two weeks or so. Go visit the website and check out the surreal art by Cassie Taggart and photographs by Kevin O’Sullivan. Sharon, like us, likes to support her fellow artists.

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Photograph of MacArthur Park by Kevin O’Sullivan

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