Horror Infographics: Unexpected PopUp

Fangoria! Woo!

Lindsay Ball-McQueen of BOOM marketing has come up with a fantastic set of images that re-imagines famous horror scenes by making them part of a children’s pop-up book. How fun!

There is something about a pop-up book that brings both joy and excitement for kids. It’s the anticipation of something popping out of the book like a jack in the box, and if you combine that fun tension with horror movie scenes, you’ve got some gold! This makes for a nice tie-in to my post about our first children’s book scary experiences, and also the upcoming release of the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark trailer.

First things first, this isn’t a physical book. At least for now, they’re not. These are graphic images that do a convincing job at showing how it Would look. It’s part of a little advertising campaign for the home improvement store chain Oldrid’s & Downtown blog, as, according to BOOM’s Client Manager Chelsea Berry, was intended to create fun content that appeals to their family audience. I suspect somebody at Oldrid’s & Downtown loves scary movies. Patrons of the dark arts, I’d say! I’m not 100% sure that I get where the connection is, but I 100% love the content!

Wonderfully understated. Ouch! For the physical book, the alien should be able to push through and wiggle, and Kane’s arms should wiggle. Love this!

If we animated this one, I’d want Bruce’s jaws to go up and down and Quint to kick.
Stop biting me!
Poor Georgie! These aren’t the kinds of friends you want to make, kid.
Stranger Things
How cool would it be to have little LED lights on this pop up?
Stay away from the light!

Lindsay was good enough to share a couple not in the ad campaign… check these two classics out!

The Shining
Such fun likenesses!
Note the drain with the blood around the ring! Nice touch!

Should McQueen desire to do some more of these, and I do hope she will, I offer up some suggestions of other great iconic horror moments:

  • The Thing: The Norris monster emerges, and his head crawls away. “You’ve got to be Fucking kidding!” murmurs Palmer. That might need to be edited if posted on the Oldrid and Downtown blog. Or not! (wink!)
  • The Exorcist, closing scene of the Exorcism itself.  After all, there’s a kid there! “I don’t feel so good.” Exclaims Regan. We need barf.
  • The Babadook, because it would be a kids book in a kids book. Layers of irony at play here. Dook! Dook! Dook!
  • Hereditary, Charlie vs. the Telephone Pole “Hey Watch your driving!” Says Charlie.  “Oh No!” Groans Peter.
  • Shaun of the Dead, with Shaun and Ed chucking their record collection at a zombie in the backyard. “I hate this record” grumbles Shaun. “I hate zombies” Replies Ed.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street, Glen gets caught by Freddy in bed.  A geyser of blood, please. “I shouldn’t have dozed off.” cries Glen. “GLEN!” shouts Nancy (off page).

Lindsay, if you do any more of these, please let us at the Scariest Things know. We love this kind of infographic material. After all, nothing says gateway to the genre like a pop up book! Start them young!

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