The Scariest Things Podcast Episode LXVIII: Killer Dolls

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Sir Anthony Hopkins plays Corky in Magic (1978)
So ya like playing with dolls still, do ya? Well, these films will make you think twice about playing with those creepy little automatons.

A Scariest Patreon Request! Brian Jillson, who runs a small organization called Unsettling Toys which we posted, has requested a discussion about toy themed horror. And, given that we just had the recently released Child’s Play and Annabelle Comes Home the timing seemed right to do this now.

Granted, these two recent releases aren’t exactly stellar, and therein lies the challenge for this trio of Scariest Reviewers. It’s a common sub-genre, but one that is difficult to mine for good ones. There have been some classic television offerings that are revered, from Talky Tina in The Twilight Zone, to the Zuni Warrior Doll in Trilogy of Terror, and Ursa Minor from Tales from The Darkside have the small screen well represented.

So we searched high and low for some quality doll horror for you, and in some cases we went to childhood gateway horror in puppet animation, and we also mined the short films, where there have been a couple of recent gems. And, to be sure there are a few classics. There’s just something primal about something that is usually a point of security blanket safety, and having the most innocent objects become something to fear.

So you have been warned, those much-loved toys you’ve held onto may just have it in for you, with malicious intent. Go check out Brian’s site, and then determine just how much you like your creepy little dolls! And, if you enjoyed this, and you would like to get a fan request of your own in, please join our Patreon Subscriber list, and for as little as $2.50 a month, you can become part of the scariest community. We are a non-profit group, and all the money from Patreon goes into the production of this website and Podcast! Behold, Episode 68!

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