Liz’s Review: The Best Horror Shorts of Panic Fest 2022

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One of the best things about film festivals is getting to see the short films and Panic Fest had 7 blocks of short films showcasing over 40 short films ranging from the horrific to the hilarious. It would be no small feat to review them all so instead here are some of my favorite short films all 4 stars or above.

Guts– Directed by Chris McInroy

The director who brought us Death Metal and We Summoned a Demon, (both of which you can watch on The Scariest Things website by clicking on the titles) has outdone himself this time with one of the funniest, grossest shorts I have ever seen. Is this why no one wants to go back to the office? You can also read Chris’ Top 25 Horror Films here.

Every Time We Meet for Ice Cream Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes– Directed by Anthony Cousins

When your dad is a mad scientist and your mom is an alien finding your soulmate can be hard. This film is charming and sweet even with the exploding faces and the title alone is award worthy. Director Cousins was also the director of one of our favorite shorts The Bloody Ballad of Squirt Reynolds that you can read our review of and watch here!

The Atomic Spawn– Directed by Arthur Vennema

This is an utterly charming gateway film about an insubordinate scientist, John Nguyen (Brandon Ngo), who is trapped in a fallout shelter with an adorable, yet deadly, fire sneezing mutant creature. Fans of Vast of Night will love the aesthetic of this sci-fi short.

The Sound– Directed by Jason-Christopher Mayer

We here at The Scariest Things love an “oh, shit!” moment and Mayer manages to give you a very gory one in a film that is less than seven minutes…bravo!

My Friends the Plants– Directed by Christine Celozzi

Christine Celozzi wrote, directed and stars in this quirky horror comedy about the lengths one has to go to to keep a gang of vampiric house plants alive (and happy).

You Missed a Spot- Directed by Liam Walsh

In a town full of clowns, one mime must find his inner voice to stop a massacre. Coulrophobics beware!

The Last Christmas– Directed by Ryan Port

Christmas comes early this year and this short film is going to be your favorite present. When 8 year old Alice wakes her big sister Kristen to tell her she has caught Santa coming down the chimney what unfolds is a hilarious holiday tale with a fantastic performance from the young star, Miley Haik.

Tapehead– Directed by Jason Zink

A mockumentary love letter to the VHS days of old, Tapehead follows a rabid collector who will do anything to score classic horror VHS tapes.

Velma- Directed by Scarlet Moreno

Another triple threat, Scarlet Moreno wrote, directed and stars in this gorgeous film about a woman looking for a man who will love her for her. Come for the olive jello mold, stay for the bloodletting. If you have a chance to see this film on the big screen don’t miss it.

While these short films are still on the festival circuit, Alter is a great space for you to check out TONS of other shorts for free!

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