Horror Shorts: Living with Jigsaw & Working with Jigsaw (2013,2016)

Directed by Chris Capel

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Chris Capel

Remember that HBO series Project Greenlight? The one where Ben Affleck and Matt Damon tried to give aspiring filmmakers their big Hollywood break and the chance to direct a Miramax produced feature film? No? I’m not surprised as none of those chosen few really made a splash. However, one of the finalists of season 4 (really, they had 4 seasons?!), Chris Capel made a splash with me when I first saw his 2013 short film Living with Jigsaw.

The ultra-lean film posits what it would be like to live with Billy, the Jigsaw puppet (usually just referred to as Jigsaw), the tricycle riding rosy-cheeked doll from the horror franchise Saw. In just under 3 minutes, Capel turned the Saw franchise into a pitch-perfect comedy.

As if having Jigsaw for a roommate wasn’t bad enough, in his follow up short Working With Jigsaw, Capel takes it to hilarious new heights as Jigsaw gets a job and tortures his coworkers…it’s a fate worse than death!

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