Portland Horror Film Festival 2022 Preview

Fangoria! Woo!

The Portland Horror Film Festival is right around the corner and this year you can attend in person at TWO historic theaters, the Hollywood Theater and Clinton Street Theater as well as virtually if you can’t make it to Portland!

Taking place June 29- July 3, 2022, the festival will be offering 9 independent feature films and over 50 short films! Deluxe tickets are available now for both the in person and virtual festival and include all sorts of great swag including exclusive t-shirts, pins, festival lanyards and more. You can get your tickets here.

All of the features will be making their Portland premiers at the festival and here’s look at the films:

It Hatched- Directed by Elvar Gunnarsson

A young couple set out to open a guesthouse in a remote place in Iceland. They come for peace but soon find out that something evil is lurking beneath their basement and hunting them in their dreams while they sleep. Read Joseph’s review here.

Maya- Directed by K / XI

After a childhood incident leaves her without any memories, Maya is adopted by an elderly couple, along with another orphan, Kalika, who she forms a sisterly bond with. Through feverish nightmares and unsettling events, Maya rediscovers her traumatic childhood through the grips of Jinn possession.

Nati Morti- Directed by Alex Visani

una is a young embalmer with a strange passion for everything concerning death. One day, during a trip in the woods, she finds two bodies. The first one is a dead woman, the other one is a man who is still barely breathing. From this moment, Luna’s life will change forever.

Revealer- Directed by Luke Boyce

Tensions rise when a stripper and religious protester are trapped together in a peep show booth and must come together to survive the apocalypse in 1980’s Chicago. Read Joseph’s review here.

Stag- Directed by Alexandra Spieth

Stag is a horror-comedy about an urban loner who must fight for a second chance at redemption when she attends her estranged BFF’s bachelorette party.

The Creeping-Directed by Jamie Hooper

A concerned young woman moves home to look after her ailing grandmother and soon finds herself fighting a malevolent presence with a dark secret. The Creeping took home the audience award at this year’s Panic Fest! Read Liz’s review here.

The Parker Sessions-Directed by Stephen king Simmons

Based on his own experiences with night terrors and sleepwalking, director Stephen King Simmons’ stunning black-and-white feature debut is an existential nightmare. A woman suffering from night terrors and plagued by a troubled past schedules a series of appointments with a psychologist.

What is Buried Must Remain- Directed by Elias Matar

Set in Lebanon, What Is Buried Must Remain is a modern ghost story with ancient roots. When three young filmmakers set out to make a documentary about a French industrialist, accused of murdering his family, they are confronted by supernatural forces engaged in a war for the very soul of the land.

Woodland Grey- Directed by Adam Reider

When a man living alone in the woods finds Emily unconscious in the forest, he helps her get back to health so she can get home. After a few tense days, Emily discovers a crudely built shed behind the man’s home. When she opens it, she unleashes something truly haunting. Read Joseph’s review here.

Check out the official festival site for descriptions of all the short films, feature trailers and MORE! The Portland Horror Film Festival always delivers the best in independent film so you don’t want to miss it.

All feature film descriptions courtesy of Portland Horror Film Festival.

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