The Scariest Things Podcast Episode CXXIII: The 2021 Thingy Awards Show!

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It’s time to celebrate the best of horror from 2020, with the third annual Thingy Awards! Once again, we summoned a jury of expert horror aficionados to determine the worthy winners from a pool of great (if perhaps under-seen) scary movies. Raise the curtain and let’s hand out some awards!

2020 was a strange year for everyone, and that includes how we got to watch movies. For most of the year, we couldn’t go to the theater, but that didn’t stop us from getting some awesome horror films. The trick was how to find them. In the end, there were several worthy films that would have shined in any year, we just had to catch them at the festivals or catch them streaming.

The strength of the independent film in horror was never more evident than this year. The big studios managed to get a few movies out at the beginning of the year, before the pandemic, and then late in the year a few trial balloons were sent up as theaters began to open, but if you wanted to catch most of the best of the films you had to go to the festivals. Fortunately for many, the festivals came to us in streaming form.

Certainly, our jury struggled this year a little more than in years past, as the ability to catch a lot of the films proved tricky. But have no doubt, there will be at least a few films that were awarded here that will live on in horror history lore. It was also a really good year for foreign films, and Indonesian films, in particular. If you haven’t gotten aboard that train, there’s still room on the platform.

All of our nominees are available streaming now and we had links for all our jurors to catch any of the films they may have missed. If you are curious about any of the movies, please go back to our Nomination Page and click on the streaming links to watch the best of 2020’s horror offerings. Also, we have many of our horror shorts available for full viewing for free on our Best Horror Shorts of 2020 link.

Without further ado…the envelope, please!

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