The Scariest Things LIVE at Rose City ComicCon: The Greatest Movie Monster of All-Time Tournament!

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Attention Northwest fans of the Scariest Things! Come to Rose City Comicon, the biggest convergence of genre fans in the Portland Area, and help us pick the Greatest Movie Monster of All Time! Saturday, September 11 at 5:00 at the Oregon Convention Center in Room E145 and E146. Be there, and get ready to select a movie monster bracket champion. There can be only one!

We’re doing a live presentation this weekend at Portland’s premiere genre convention, and we’re doing an NCAA-style single elimination bracket to determine just who is the greatest movie monster of all time! All of your favorite beasties will be there, from the Xenomorph to King Kong and The Blob. But you will also get some B-movie underdogs who might upset the applecart. Is C.H.U.D. a worthy competitor? You can’t have a true movie monster showdown without the likes of The Toxic Avenger, right?

These are your non-human monsters. So, no slashers here. No undead vampires, zombies, or ghosts. No witches. No werewolves. We believe there they are deserving of horror brackets of their own. What we’ll have for you are mutants, kaiju, mythic beasts, aliens, sea monsters, and killer plants. The less human, the better! If you want to see a slasher bracket, check THIS out. And, we also did something just like this last year for our 100th episode where our patrons and special media guests helped pick the best horror movie of all time, bracket-style!

Here, in advance is the BRACKET, fully seeded. It has images of each monster, but if you don’t recognize the monster we have created a tournament PROGRAM that describes all the monsters and their seeding position so that you can do a little homework as we do the bracket, or run the bracket yourself! It’s easy enough to pick through, if you select “matchup mode” you’ll get larger images of the combatants.

Who do you like better, the Krites from Critters (8 seed) or the Creeper from Jeepers Creepers? (9 seed). Does Belial from Basket Case stand a chance against The Blob? Is King Kong beloved enough to finish on top? Who got snubbed and got left off the bracket?

If you wanted to run the bracket in advance and fill it out so you are ready on the event night, you’re one step ahead of the game. Feel free to do your own bracket, save it, and print it out and see how your picks stand up to the group decision.

Here’s a view of the bracket. You pick the winner in a single-elimination tournament. May the best beastie win!

For those of you showing up, we’ll be projecting the bracket on the big screen in the convention hall, and the winner will be whoever gets the most vocal support. If we can’t do that, in order to ensure there are no voting shenanigans, we also will have a voting app at the ready. If you want a hard copy of the bracket program, get there early to get your copy as supplies last.

We’ll have buttons, stickers, and Tee Shirts to be given out. If you show up early, pick who you think the champion will be, and your biggest upset and the winner will get a Scariest Things Tee Shirt. Merch! YES!

Don’t forget to bring your vaccination card and a mask. Such is the way of big events in the COVID 19 Delta era, and we want to make sure everyone comes in healthy and leaves healthy and entertained. We hope to see lots of you at Rose City Comicon. The pairings have been made, and the stage is set, and now it’s time to dance! Who have you got on top?

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