Horror on the Menu: Profondo Rosso (Deep Red), the Cocktail

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Giallo in a glass! Deep Red is now a cocktail.
Pietro Testa, the bartender/director at Al Tagliando in Milan has come up with a bloody concoction for you to celebrate the seminal work of Dario Argento: Deep Red (Profondo Rosso) the cocktail. It’s Giallo, in a glass!

Should you find yourself in Milan, stop by the Al Tagliando bistro and in addition to trying out their pasta menu (which looks amazing), you should order yourself a glass of one of Giallo’s greatest hits: Profondo Rosso! You have to appreciate the amount of backstory and attention to detail that Testa put to this visceral libation. The colors are carefully considered, and the sensations are staged to echo the film.

Hopefully, that doesn’t mean that the finish of the drink won’t feel like you are being garroted by a necklace! (Sorry… spoiler for a movie 45 years old).

Here is the press release description of the drink, for you mixologists who want to give this a try for your next horror movie marathon:

4,5 cl Aviation Gin
2 cl OSCAR.697 Red Vermouth

0,5 cl Bitter Del Professore
1,5 cl fresh lemon juice
Thyme extract homemade
1 strawberry, 2 blackberries, and 3 raspberries

Glass: short Tumbler
Garnish: berries and a sprig of thyme

In a shaker mash the berries, then pour the fresh lemon juice, 2 sprays of thyme extract and mix all with a bar spoon. Pour Aviation Gin, then OSCAR.697 Red Vermouth and the Bitter Del Professore, add ice and shake for 5 to 7 seconds. Filter the lot with Double Strain technique and pour in a short Tumbler glass. Garnish with berries, a sprig of thyme, and a spray of thyme extract. Serve with a bloody knife!

A bloody drink inspired by Deep Red – Profondo Rosso, Dario Argento’s cult movie released 45 years ago and still shocking, more and more in the case of big classic movies, not only for the horror genre. Made by Italian Pietro Testa, director and barman at Al Tagliando and bar consultant at The Moss, in Milano, Deep Red is a drink that reminds the chromatic obsession with the red colour ever-present in the movie, in every detail, scene, movement, thought to be disturbing for the audience, in order to move its bowels. The first inspiration approach transfers in the drink the intense red, given by OSCAR.697 Red, the contemporary vermouth produced ‘with love’ by vermuttista Stefano Di Dio in Italy – and here distributed by Rinaldi1957 – that has flavours of rhubarb and licorice. The predominant red, in many scenography objects, from the paintings to Marc’s (starred by David Hemmings) pack of cigarettes, his shoes he never changes, the voodoo doll made with red wool and pierced by coloured pins and the extra’s accessories…

But not only red is visible in the movie, also green and yellow, like the noose rope

transposed in the drink with thyme and lemon juice. Another important element of the movie is water – used by a serial killer to kill the second victim in the bathtub – and its non-colour, transparent like gin, in this drink transposed with Aviation American Gin, owned by actor Ryan Reynolds. The first impact with Deep Red cocktail is its thyme perfume, that perfectly connects to all flavours that little by little will be perceivable. A first, slightly sweet aroma opposed to the bitter is then strongly linked to the fresh note given by lemon juice and the acidolous taste of the berries. All sensations that are well explained at the beginning of the movie, when German psychic medium Helga Ulmann (starred by Macha Méril) describes the killer, feeling its twisted brain and the devastating thoughts like strong, cruel and, at the same time, sweet and childish. The result is a balanced and full-bodied cocktail, to taste listening to the Goblin‘s music, for a mix of tastes of a non-expected experience, like the movie, that causes doubt, surprise and pleasure at the same time!

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