Horror Infographics: What it would really take to clean up your favorite horror movie scenes

Get your bunny suit on.  That cabin in the woods is a real mess.

It’s probably best for you not to think too hard about this. But, maybe you want to be a crime scene investigator.  After looking at this infographic, maybe you won’t want to.

In a somewhat bizarre form of advertising, Aftermath, a biohazard remediation company, (I guess somebody has to do it), has produced a series of infographics that tell you why you just might need their help.  For your sake, I really hope you never do need to use them.  C.S.I. never seemed so unappealing.  However, they do have a dark sense of humor about their work, and they have produced this handy dandy chart of why you wouldn’t want to try and clean up after a Jason Voorhees killing rampage.

Violent crime scenes are a yucky situation, ladies and gentlemen… if you probably didn’t figure that out already.  However, I wonder how much cleaning is required if it’s all stage blood and Caro syrup.  That’s probably also a thankless task.  Very sticky, at a minimum.

ATMOSfx! Woo!
What if Horror Movi Crime Scene Were Real

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