Horror Infographics: Horror Movie Scratch Off Prints!

ATMOSfx! Woo!
Big money! Big money! Oh wait, not that kind of scratch-it.
Print Maker Pop Chart has taken the interactive nature of scratch-off lottery tickets and applied it to horror movies! Now you can track the progress of seeing the essential horror canon by scratching off the movies you’ve seen.

There is a vicarious thrill that we all get in revealing what lies underneath a scratch-off ticket. Much of that, of course, is the nature of the lottery ticket and the instant winner nature of the medium. What Pop Chart has done is arranged 100 of the most significant horror films of all time, and invites you to track your movie selections by revealing the movies you’ve seen and prodding you to eventually scratch them all off. The unscratched side is all in red and features a simple line graphic with a red background, and the revealed image is a small color graphic. Simple and fun!

The movies start with The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) and ends with The Invisible Man (2020). A nice round 100 movies and 100 years! And, if I had this particular scratch-it graphic, it would remind me that I haven’t caught Leigh Whanell’s latest offering.

It’s a fabulously fun idea, and the 12×16 print can be yours for $25. You can get yourself a copy from the Pop Chart website.

How many of these movies have YOU seen?

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