The Scariest Things Podcast: LIVE from Wizard World – Terror From Abroad!

At Portland Wizard World we were fortunate enough to do a panel in front of a live audience, where we got to be your discount Rick Steve’s travel guides for a trip around the globe and looking at other countries through their horror films!

We had a great time doing our tour guide of horror from around the world with our live Wizard World audience. We got to take a little vacation, selecting countries by their horror movie offerings. From some of the big horror powerhouse countries like France and Japan, to the emerging horror markets like Argentina and the Middle East, we tried to find some new hidden gems that you may not have heard of.

The world is full of really great horror movies, and the best of them seem to say a little bit about the cultures they come from. After you hear the podcast, come back to our site and look for many of the movies we talk about. They may show up either as individual reviews, or may be part of our top 100!

You can also follow along while listening to our audio Podcast if you click to our Prezi presentation. I know some of you had asked for a list, well, now you can peruse at your leisure with this Prezi visual guide. You can tab through the map forward and backward, using the arrow scroll at the bottom of the page. It’s a fun presentation that does a bit of the ol‘ zoom-in, zoom-out… we had some fun with that. The visual guide is linked HERE:


Many thanks to Matt Howl, one of our Patrons, for recording this episode for us. We busted out 40 films in 45 minutes! So, lots of films, and a little bit of geography data sprinkled in from Mr. Campbell. So listen up, follow along with the visual guide, and come with us on our trek across the globe and find out what great foreign films are out there! Andiamo!

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