Horror Infographics: The Tiny Creatures Alphabet of David G. Forés

What better way to introduce a baby to reading and writing than teaching her how to spell Cthulhu or Xenomorph! Artist David G. Forés produced this dark genre alphabet with our favorite adorable deplorables! Mr. Forés created this alphabet for an Instagram challenge, having become a new father, for a second time, wanted to create a spooky teaching tool for his kids.

If you want to get an original of one of these cute little monstrosities, David has some of the original prints available for 40 Euros (about $44). I snagged Samara and the White Walker, myself! We here at the Scariest Things suggest to all to support original art collections. And, Mr
Forés, if you happen to release prints of these, please let me know because I LOVE the Predator illustration. So cute! (And deadly!)

And, this is not the only horror themed ABC collection. As mentioned in my Children’s storybook post, perhaps the greatest scary alphabet was created by the macabre Edward Gorey, and his wonderful rhymes. His work has been often mimicked but never surpassed, both in style and in dark wit. My personal favorite? “F is for Fanny, sucked dry by a leech.” Yikes!

Scary DVDs! Woo!

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