Horror Infographics: Giant Monsters Attack The US

The geography lesson for genre fans.  Bring your #2 pencils!

Another fun graphic from Andrew Barr!  Again great use of color graphics and rough scaling to help you sort through the data.  Dates, locations, sizes, source all in one handy place!  I also think that he got every relevant monster up to 2010.  Barr managed to capture some of the fun minor league monsters like The Giant Gila Monster, The Crater Lake Monster, and Night of the Lepus rabbits.  My notable omissions?  The Kathoga from The Relic (might not qualify as a giant), The Mangler (A giant monster laundry machine), The Black Scorpion, and Dagon.  Anything on there that you would have included?  An awesome list nonetheless.

You can find Barr’s work here:


Fangoria! Woo!


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