The Scariest Thing Podcast Episode LXXX: Our Personal Movie Horror-scopes

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Does the year you were born say anything about the state of horror movies? Is there any equivalency between how good the movies from your birth year and how much you like Horror movies? Probably not, but it’s still fun to think about.

What are the horror movies for the year that you were born? If you were born in 1960 (Psycho, Peeping Tom, Black Sunday, Eyes Without a Face), 1980 (Friday the 13th, The Fog, The Shining, Maniac), 1974 (Black Christmas, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, It’s Alive!), 1999 (Audition, The Blair Witch Project, The Sixth Sense, Ravenous), consider yourself lucky. Those were epic years for the genre. The Scariest Things team took the dive to see what came out on our birthdays.

When it comes to Mike, Liz, and Eric we had to dig deep. Eric, in particular had a thin year to pick from. 1969 was a good year for movies in general, but pretty awful for horror movies. Mike and Liz were able to have a little better luck with 1968 and 1977 but we all found this to be a bit of a challenge. It did however manage to make us watch some new and obscure films for us to share with you. If I was to take away from the movies of my birth year, my tendencies would be towards obscure period horror dramas.

A visual profile for Liz:

Another way to consider the Horrorscope is a way to think about how your horoscope background may affect the types of horror movies you like. Are you an impulsive and reactive Cancer like Mike? An analytical puzzle solver Libra like Eric? Or are you the meticulously organizer Virgo like Liz? And, for that take you should see the fabulous infographics from Brandon Johnson, for which the feature image was taken.

A visual profile for Eric:

This exercise is actually more aligned with a chinese zodiac. Click on this link to get more references to your sign. And, for a simple reference, here is a chart to see your birth year. For a reference to what horror movies came out the year of your birth, Wikipedia is your friend.

A visual profile for Mike:

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